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Kenwood High Junior Arrested for Pointing Gun at Another Student



A high school junior at Kenwood High School was arrested for pulling a gun on another student after they got off the bus.

Is Maryland Assault Weapons Ban in Trouble?



After the Newtown shooting left 26 people dead — 20 of them small children — the state of Maryland passed a ban on semiautomatic high-capacity assault weapons. Now that gun-control law is in trouble.

Gun Laws Reduce Gun Suicides, Hopkins Research Shows



There’s a lot of rhetoric from all sides of the gun control debate. A recent study out of Johns Hopkins aimed to cut through some of that talk and get some real data about the effect of stricter gun laws. The result? In short, making it harder to get guns reduces gun suicides significantly.

Holiday Patrol: Man Falls Asleep at the Wheel, Awoken by Police Search


aacountyAn Annapolis man had the many guns in his car confiscated after falling asleep at the wheel on Tuesday, police said.

Baltimore Police Dept. Tweets Gun Grab

A rifle seized by the Baltimore Police Dept. in July (via BPD Twitter account).
A rifle seized by the Baltimore Police Dept. in July (via BPD Twitter account).

Like many Marylanders, the Baltimore Police Department made sure they found some time to show off their guns this summer.

Over the last few months, BPD units seized numerous illegal guns from the streets. One of them was pink. Sometimes, drugs and money were also involved. To give the public a better idea of what they’re collecting, BPD posts pictures of these guns to the department’s Twitter account with the hashtags #ASaferBaltimore and #NoMoreViolence. The posts go up year-round, but we’ve particularly been admiring the summer collection. Here’s a few highlights :

UPDATE: Stevenson University Issues “All-Clear,” Students With BB Guns Source of Ruckus


handgunA Stevenson University spokesman said that police and security personnel are investigating the report of someone with a gun on the school’s Owings Mills campus Monday afternoon. Campus police have ordered students to “shelter in place.”

UPDATE:  The university has issued an “all clear” in the investigation into the report of a man with a gun on campus. The sighting turned out to be two students with BB guns hunting in the woods near the university.

Read the message below from university president Kevin Manning:

“I am sending this message to all of you to confirm that the Owings Mills campus lockdown has safely concluded. I am certain that you are all relieved that this is resolved and that you can return to your normal schedules. However, we have decided to cancel Owings Mills evening classes and activities. It appears that the incident was caused by two students who had poor judgment of hunting in the woods with two BB rifles near campus. We are proud of the response of our security staff, students and others in acting quickly and cooperatively with our campus alerts. While we are relieved with this safe outcome, this has been a sobering experience for us and our families. This reminds us all of the importance of our “see something, say something” mantra. Nothing is more important than your safety. Thank you for your continued support.”

Read the story in The Baltimore Sun here.

“Person With a Gun” Puts Local Schools on Lockdown


Yesterday afternoon a man was spotted on Northern Parkway with a gun — not far from many area private schools —  which immediately sent the schools into lockdown mode.  He was quickly apprehended on Northern Parkway, according to Baltimore City police.

Parents were calling each other to learn what was what — with assorted rumors coming home from students — but a message from the head of Gilman School gave the facts.

At just after 4:10 p.m., the school went into a lockdown upon hearing reports of a person with a gun in the area. The security staff initiated the lockdown, and the school remained in that mode for about 15 minutes.

Hundreds of Guns Sold to People Not Allowed to Have Them. Oops.

Photo by Francois Polito via Wikimedia
Photo by Francois Polito via Wikimedia

A lot of people bought guns in Maryland last year — 117,009 applications to purchase a firearm were filed in the first nine months of the year, according to the Baltimore Sun; that’s more than all the guns purchased in the two previous years combined. Feel safe yet? Well, this should make you feel even better: in the rush to get a gun before the state’s tougher law took effect, the background check system got overwhelmed — and hundreds of guns were sold to people who are legally barred from owning firearms.

This Week in Research: How Guns Kill Cops; The Philosophy of Breaking Bad



More than 1,500 police officers have been killed while on duty over the past decade — that’s an average of one death every 57 hours. Johns Hopkins public health doctoral student David Swedler wanted to know why — and if anything could be done to make being on duty safer for cops. He found one clear answer: guns.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Courts Maryland Businesses, Defends Meeting with Gun Manufacturer Beretta USA


 Gov. Martin O’Malley_6_0

Courtesy Citybizlist–Texas Gov. Rick Perry spent Wednesday visiting gun manufacturer Beretta USA in Accokeek and meeting with Maryland business owners in Bethesda as he continued his quest to lure businesses to Texas.

Perry defended his decision to meet with Beretta two days after the shooting at Navy Yard that left 13 people, including the shooter, dead. The governor’s visit drew the ire of the Maryland chapter of Moms Demand Action, a group formed in the wake of last year’s Sandy Hook shootings, who said in a statement the meeting was “inappropriate” and should have been postponed.