Police: Suspect Charged with Gun Violations Tried to Trick Officers with Wig, Dress

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A MAC 11 and a .22 rifle with drum. Photo via Baltimore Police.

An 18-year-old man allegedly found with two guns yesterday tried to dupe city police officers by donning a disguise after a five-mile chase through the city. It didn’t work.

Police say Jaime Bull of Cherry Hill was spotted yesterday talking with a group at the intersection of Baker and Gilmor Streets in Sandtown-Winchester. Police didn’t say whether he was committing a crime, but noted that he was sitting in a gold Honda Accord with others “talking to several people who are known to police, and who are linked to acts of violence in the Western District.”

The driver of the Accord sped away as soon as he saw the patrolman. The officer unsuccessfully tried to stop the car, then put its information out over the police radio.

Officers in South Baltimore spotted the Accord and tried, also unsuccessfully, to stop it on Monroe Street. The car was later found abandoned in Cherry Hill on Round Road, close to Middle Branch Park.

Officers on the scene noticed one of the Accord’s occupants, later identified as Bull, running with a rifle in his hand. He ducked into a home several blocks away on Claflin Court, where police figured he was hiding.

Police went to the home and told everyone inside to come out. They all did, including a man wearing a wig and a dress. Officers noticed it was Bull.

After obtaining search warrants, officers found a loaded .22 caliber rifle with an affixed drum magazine in the house and a MAC 11 pistol, a high-capacity machine pistol (both seen above). Police arrested Bull, charging him misdemeanor gun and traffic violations. He was awaiting an appearance before a court commissioner this morning.

T.J. Smith, chief of media relations for the Baltimore Police Department, tweeted this morning, “Yup. This really happened. Not a movie set, but played out like one.”

“All misdemeanor charges,” he added, noting sourly, “He’ll be back on the streets soon.”

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