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School 33 Art Center Opens Up Once Again for the 29th Annual Open Studio Tour

School 33 Art Center Hosts the 29th Annual Open Studio Tour.

Baltimore’s fine arts community opens its doors this weekend to show the public how and where art is being made in the city.

Police: Suspect Charged with Gun Violations Tried to Trick Officers with Wig, Dress

A MAC 11 and a .22 rifle with drum. Photo via Baltimore Police.

An 18-year-old man allegedly found with two guns yesterday tried to dupe city police officers by donning a disguise after a five-mile chase through the city. It didn’t work.

New Behavioral Health Center Opens at Harbor Hospital in Cherry Hill

Courtesy MedStar Harbor Hospital
Courtesy MedStar Harbor Hospital

Baltimore residents suffering from behavioral health issues have a new facility reserved for them in Cherry Hill. Today, MedStar opened the doors to its new state-of-the-art inpatient behavioral health center housed within Harbor Hospital.

A Tale of Two Cities: Cherry Hill and Roland Park



University of Baltimore Asst. Prof. and Bohemian Rhapsody Columnist Marion Winik observes heartache and healing in a city with the exact same name as her own.

Along with my E-Z Pass, a parking card for work, and a pair of sunglasses so ugly I cannot lose them no matter how hard I try, I tote a few less predictable items around in my car. Among them are a corkscrew, a trove of cinnamon and butterscotch candies, and some dog food coupons. In the hatchback, there is a yoga mat. In the molded pocket in the door, I keep a traveling oral hygiene system — a bottle of mouthwash and a bag of plastic flossers. I am ready for almost anything.

But we have a problem in our neighborhood, a three-block corner of Roland Park called Evergreen. In the very early morning or late night, when all the Whos in Whoville are slumbering in their beds, any unlocked car on our cozy streets is rifled. The riflers are quite focused in their pursuit of loose change and know the secret nooks in every brand of auto where it might be hidden. You know they’ve been through because drawers are agog, compartments unlatched, cup holders de-cupped, and a general sense of sweeping and swiping lingers. If they find no change and no iPod, for they also love iPods, they move on. The Hope diamond could be in the backseat and they wouldn’t bother with it.

For this reason, they seem to be youths of some sort, delinquent youths, addicted youths, perhaps hungry or thirsty youths. Not professionals, though they are skilled at what they do.

Foodie Celeb Alice Waters Stops by Baltimore School Garden This Week (Recipe Included)


It would be easy for Alice Waters, the celebrity-chef owner of Chez Panisse and godmother to the organic/local food movement, to spend her days sniffing over heirloom eggplants and other organic delicacies at Berkeley farmers markets. Just like it would’ve been easy for Jennifer Crisp to continue her career as a chef in California, home of the country’s most discerning foodies. But “easy” isn’t necessarily what these women are interested in — which is why you’ll find both of them with their hands in the dirt this week, helping expand one struggling Baltimore City school’s nascent garden program.