Why the Queen Could Still Back the Ravens on Sunday, Despite Their Creepy Tweet

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A screenshot of the infamous tweet, via @Ravens/Twitter

In the lead-up to the Ravens’ Sunday morning matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, the franchise stumbled hilariously online, tweeting out an image of Queen Elizabeth II with the Ravens logo painted over her face.

The tweet itself read, “The Queen is ready for us to #FlockToLondon!” It all looked pretty bad from the start, and the franchise’s social media team decided to take it down within minutes, but not before some screengrabs, which yielded jokes.

Apparently, it was more than just creepiness working against the Ravens. As reported by The Sun Tuesday evening, the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Agency Committee of Advertising Practice Code says the Royal Family’s members “should not be shown or mentioned in a marketing communication without their prior permission.”

It’s probably safe to say the Queen didn’t give her blessing to see her face photoshopped with a bird painted on it and plastered across the internet.

But there’s something else that Ravens can still capitalize on here. The historic Tower of London, owned by Queen Elizabeth II’s family, actually keeps seven (six and a spare) living ravens with clipped wings on hand at all times. Legend has it that they’re the guardians of the defunct castle-turned-tourist attraction, and if they ever leave, the tower will fall. (There are supposed to be six, but they keep a spare, according to the Historic Royal Palaces’ official website.)

During a press conference yesterday, head coach John Harbaugh was surprised not to have fielded any questions about the social media mishap. “Nothing about the queen and the face-painting deal?” he asked, per ESPN.

“I think it’s important to remember that ravens do guard the Tower of London,” he aptly noted as he left the presser.

All of this is worth keeping in mind as the Ravens get ready to play before 80,000 or so spectators at Wembley Stadium on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. EST. Despite the Jaguars’ NFL-leading four appearances in London for these international games, Baltimore could have the 91-year-old matriarch on its side. After all, as the legend goes, if they fall, so does the Crown.

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