Interactive Map Sizes Up Ravens Nation

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Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.25.00 PMA new map from Twitter’s data crunchers shows the size of Ravens Nation. That’s right Baltimore. On Sundays, the Aleutian Islands are with you. 

A map that appeared earlier this fall charted NFL fandom using Facebook likes, but made the Ravens look like they didn’t get out of Maryland. The Twitter version makes a few upgrades, including filtering fans out by team. While the highest concentrations of Ravens fans are in Maryland, this map shows that the Ravens maintain a pretty impressive reach.

We know the data isn’t accurate, but it’s nice to know where the Ravens are represented. For instance, Big Horn County, Montana, is 6.78 percent Ravens. And the population of the county is about 13,000 — so that’s more than one person!

Get all the stats from the complete Ravens interactive feature below:

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