The Baltimore Police Union Probably Regrets Those Really Stupid Tweets

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Twitter is a great place to say stupid things.

After Baltimore Police Officer  Caesar Goodson was acquitted for his role in Freddie Gray’s death, many city residents expressed dismay and disappointment. And the Baltimore Police union decided it was a great opportunity to gloat. On Friday night (perhaps after a few too many beers?), someone went on the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police’s Twitter page and posted an image of Leonardo DiCaprio looking smug in a tuxedo, holding up a glass of champagne: “Here’s to the Baltimore 6 defense team, the FOP and Detective Taylor,” the caption read. The next morning, there was another ill-advised tweet: an image of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby captioned “The Wolf That Lurks.”

There’s plenty of bad blood (and lawsuits) between Mosby and the BPD, but gloating/aggressive tweets seems like exactly the wrong tactic to take, particularly when the Baltimore police have been trying to repair their relationship with the community. Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis agreed: “Inappropriate, insensitive remarks or attacks that serve to detract from our necessary relationships with our community and criminal justice partners have no place in our City,” he said. The tweets have since been deleted.

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