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Study: Community-driven Ceasefire weekends effective in reducing violence in Baltimore

Young supporters of the Baltimore Ceasefire carry signs at a rally in 2018. Photo by J.M. Giordano.

A report published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) dispelled some previous criticisms of the Baltimore Ceasefire movement’s effectiveness, instead finding there was an estimated 52 percent reduction in gun violence during Ceasefire weekends.

The study, headed by Dr. Peter Phalen of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, examined the 6,024 fatal and non-fatal shootings that occurred in Baltimore from Jan. 1, 2012, to July 6, 2019.

The researchers found that the number of shootings dipped during quarterly Ceasefire weekends that have been led by anti-violence activists since 2017.

Event Pick: Rise Bmore, a spoken and musical commemoration of Freddie Gray’s death

Freddie Gray Mural
Photo by Bruce Emmerling, via Flickr

On this day three years ago, doctors pronounced Freddie Gray dead at University of Maryland Shock Trauma, a week after Baltimore police officers dragged him into a van for a fateful ride leading to his death. Tonight, local poets, writers, musicians and others will honor the 25-year-old whose death at the hands of police set off an uprising.

Meet the Baltimore Natives Behind the Music for HBO’s ‘Baltimore Rising’

Mashica and Dontae Winslow, known together as Winslow Dynasty. Photo courtesy of the couple.

Tasked with composing the music for Sonja Sohn’s much-lauded documentary, “Baltimore Rising,” Dontae Winslow tapped into memories of his life growing up here.

Another Freddie Gray Case Officer Cleared of All Administrative Charges

Lt. Brian Rice

Lt. Brian Rice, the highest ranking officer on the scene on the day Freddie Gray’s spinal cord was severed, was cleared of any wrongdoing today by a police trial board.

Officer Caesar Goodson, Van Driver in Freddie Gray’s Death, Acquitted by Trial Board

Officer Caesar Goodson

The police van driver once accused in court of giving Freddie Gray a “rough ride” won’t face any punishment from the Baltimore Police Department.

Baltimore Private Schools Embroiled in Controversy from Racially Charged Social Media Photos


Some of Baltimore’s private schools are in the worst kind of spotlight this week, thanks to some deplorable Halloween antics from a group of students and an alum.

Watch: The Trailer is Out for HBO’s New Documentary, ‘Baltimore Rising’

Still via YouTube/HBO

A new documentary premiering on HBO next month offers us a look in the mirror two and a half years out from the Uprising that ignited with Freddie Gray’s death.