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Police Commissioner Kevin Davis Criticizes Councilman for Criticizing City Police

Photos via Baltimore City government

Kevin Davis is displeased with Councilman Ryan Dorsey’s public take on Baltimore police officers as a whole.

Police Union Responds to Internal Charges Filed Against Officers in Freddie Gray Case

From left, top: Officers Caesar Goodson, Edward Nero, Garrett Miller. From left, bottom: Officer William Porter, Lt. Brian Rice and Sgt. Alicia White. (All but Porter face internal charges.)

Baltimore’s police union today condemned the news that internal charges are being brought against five of the six officers who were indicted and later acquitted (or had charges dropped) in Freddie Gray’s spring 2015 death, saying in a statement that “the only losers in this decision to continue persecuting these five officers are the citizens of Baltimore City.”

Police Union’s Letter to DOJ Airs Grievances About Body Cams, Staffing, Equipment

Courtesy FOP Lodge 3
Courtesy FOP Lodge 3

The Baltimore Police Department is currently negotiating a consent decree with federal investigators who found the department very much at fault in August. Amid those talks, the union representing city police officers announced yesterday that it sent three investigators a nine-page letter.

The Baltimore Police Union Probably Regrets Those Really Stupid Tweets



Twitter is a great place to say stupid things.