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Kevin Davis now writing a book on consent decrees, working for Boston software startup

Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis. Photo via Open Society Foundations.

It’s been a full week of announcements for Kevin Davis, who is keeping himself busy a year out from being removed as commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department.

Mayor Fires Police Commissioner Kevin Davis: ‘I’m Impatient. We Need Violence Reduction.’

Newly appointed Police Commissioner Darryl DeSousa (left) and former Police Commissioner Kevin Davis. Photos via Baltimore Police Department.

After roughly two and a half years at the helm of the Baltimore Police Department, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has been let go.

Davis Asks FBI to Take Over Probe into Det. Suiter’s Murder

Commissioner Kevin Davis and T.J. Smith at a press conference on Friday. Still via Baltimore Police/Facebook.

Under pressure from city and federal lawmakers, Baltimore Police Commissioner has asked the FBI to take the reigns on the investigation of the killing of Det. Sean Suiter.

Police: Murdered Detective was to Testify in Case Involving Indicted BPD Officers

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis speaks at a Nov. 22 news conference. Image via Facebook/Baltimore Police Department.

Thanksgiving eve featured a couple bombshells from the Baltimore Police Department, including the news that Det. Sean Suiter was due to testify in a federal case involving indicted Baltimore police officers one day after he was murdered in Harlem Park.

Veteran Homicide Detective Killed in Wednesday Shooting, Reward Upped to $69K

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

UPDATE: Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says the homicide detective shot Wednesday evening has passed away.

Mosby Joins Lawsuit Against DOJ, Arguing it’s Coercing Cities into Enforcing Immigration Law

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent in 2011, via Homeland Security

Baltimore’s top prosecutor has backed a federal lawsuit against Donald Trump’s Justice Department that says the agency is illegally holding crime-fighting grant money over cities’ heads if they don’t enforce federal immigration law.

Davis Tells DOJ Attaching Crime-Fighting Money to Immigration Policy is ‘Step in the Wrong Direction’

Still via Facebook/Baltimore Police Department

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis responded this week to the U.S. Justice Department’s requests to modify local immigration-detention policies with a basic fact: the State of Maryland runs the city’s jail, not the city government.

Despite Six Weekend Shootings, ‘Ceasefire’ Campaign Presses Onward

Photo via 3sonsproductions/Flickr

Baltimore’s much-anticipated “ceasefire” weekend didn’t completely stem shootings the way organizers had hoped, but that doesn’t mean it was unsuccessful, activists and officials say.

Jeff Sessions Pressures Baltimore to Adopt Immigrant Detention Policy, Leveraging Crime-Fighting Money


Jeff Sessions wasn’t lying when he said the Trump administration would withhold money from cities that don’t comply with its immigration policies, though it’s still unclear if he understands how Baltimore’s prison system works.

BPD Commissioner Cites ‘Growing Pains’ for Department After More Body Cam Footage Creates New Drug-Planting Allegations

Still via Facebook/Baltimore Police Department

City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis today tried to confront another case of body camera footage casting a shadow over his department, with public defenders once again asserting the videos suggest police officers allegedly planted drugs during an arrest.