Police Commissioner Wants to Relax Marijuana Policy

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The Baltimore Police Department won’t hire you if you admit to having smoked marijuana in the past. But Commissioner Kevin Davis wants to change that.

“I don’t want to hire altar boys to be police officers necessarily,” Davis told the Sun last week. “I want people of good character, of good moral character, but I want people who have lived a life just like everybody else — a life not unlike the lives of the people who they are going to be interacting with every day.”

More specifically, that would mean that prospective hires who admitted to marijuana use in the past three years would still be disqualified, but more distant use wouldn’t necessarily cross you off the list.

The move comes at a time when the state is inching toward opening its first legal medical marijuana clinics, and when recreational use of the substance is now legal in four states and nearby Washington, D.C.–and also during a period when police-community relationships are increasingly strained. Davis made it clear that this proposed policy revision relates to those issues, too: “We need our police departments to reflect communities,” he told the Sun.

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  1. What’s next, heroin users. The commissioner has lost it. Maybe a felony or two should be overlooked as well.

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