An osprey is building her nest on the Eastern Shore with a stick marked with the colors of Ukraine. Credit: Chesapeake Conservancy.

Amazing photos of ospreys – the majestic bird of prey that returns to its same nesting ground each year after migrating hundreds of miles – are popping up on the eve of the state’s first festival.

On Thursday, wildlife webcam viewers spotted Audrey, a famous osprey who nests on the Easter Shore, with a nest-building stick marked with blue and yellow colors in support of Ukraine. The anonymous family on whose property the nests is built each year, known only as the Crazy Osprey Family, places several such sticks on their property to show support of Ukraine.

The photo was shared by the Chesapeake Conservancy.

Photographers across the state are capturing dramatic images of the birds, which primarily eat fish.

An osprey with prey over Wilde Lake in Columbia. Credit: Michael Oberman

In Columbia, photographer Michael Oberman this week captured an osprey in flight with its prey, and posted it on a neighborhood Facebook page.

An osprey with its catch in Port Deposit, along the Susquehanna. Credit: Bob McLean

In Port Deposit, ospreys join eagles and other birds of prey in capturing fish behind the Conowingo Dam, a popular gathering place for photographers. Bob McLean captured a shot of a bird devouring its catch this week.

These birds are getting ready to nest just as Maryland’s first osprey festival is opening. The Maryland Osprey Nature Festival is taking place as Lusby in Southern Maryand on Saturday April 2. The event features lectures,