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By now you’ve heard about the readers of Travel & Leisure naming Baltimore one of the worst-dressed cities.  (I took umbrage until I looked down at the white tennis shoes I was wearing with a pair of old black sweats and an Elvis T-shirt.  Hey, I was working. Alone. In front of my computer!)  The result was just one part of a larger survey polling readers on many aspects of American cities.

So, how did Baltimore do?

You’ll be glad to learn — and probably not surprised to learn — that Baltimore came out on top in the category of Most Sport Crazed (#8). We also did pretty well in the classical music (thank you, Peabody; #13), historical monuments (#16) and offbeat (#17) categories.

Not so hot? We ranked at the bottom for safety, luxury stores and attractiveness.

See how Baltimore fared in Travel & Leisure’s America’s Favorite Cities Survey by clicking the links below.

Safety (#35)
Luxury stores (#34)
Attractive (#34)
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