Matt Derella, the new CEO of Catalyte. (Courtesy photo)

Starting Thursday, the technology workforce training company Catalyte will open a new chapter as a former Twitter executive takes over its top position.

Catalyte, which is based in the Otterbein neighborhood and boasts talent hubs across the country, announced Matt Derella as its new CEO this week. Derella will take over from outgoing CEO Jacob Hsu, who announced his departure in a LinkedIn post that referenced Catalyte’s mission to bring more people from underrepresented communities into the evolving tech workforce — and his personal connection to that goal.

“Maybe it was the story of my own family. Immigrant parents who, because someone believed enough in their abilities to give them a foothold on the ladder to the American Dream, meant that I could forge my own path through life,” Hsu wrote. “Whatever the reason, that decision [to join Catalyte] was one of the best I ever made. My time leading this marvelous organization and its staff dedicated to eradicating the skills, opportunity and income gaps has been life-changing.”

“While I can’t reveal my next steps just yet, I will be taking all I’ve learned here and forging a new path through social innovation, entrepreneurship and public service,” he added.

Hsu will now transition to becoming the board director of Catalyte, which communications director Adam Curtis told has a distributed workforce of about 650 people. That number includes people in apprenticeship-type positions who “will be, hopefully, ending up fulltime at one of our client organizations,” he added.