Animationland locally sponsored by M&T Bank
opened at Port Discovery Children’s Museum on Saturday, May 22nd!

Experience a fantastically immersive journey through Animationland, opening at Port Discovery on Saturday, May 22 2021!

Observe as your little learner dives into a world of storytelling and animation using science and their imagination!

Explore interactive areas throughout Animationland like the sketching studio, the sound effects booth, and star in your very own stop motion video! Animationland locally sponsored by M&T Bank empowers visitors of all ages to experiment, learn and tell their own stories through animation.

Featured Exhibit Activities Include:

  • Create Your Own Storyboard – Learn how simple geometric shapes create animated characters! Practice by creating characters inside the exhibit, or get ultra-creative and make your very own unique character!
  • Be a Foley Artist – Master the art of sound effects as you become a Foley Artist inside the Foley Studio! Use noise-making tools to create unique sound effects and add them to your original animation!
  • Make Stop-Motion Magic – Learn the magic behind stop-motion movies by creating one yourself! Stop by the Plan & Pose Interactive to get creative and start in your very own stop-motion animation, featuring fun props and more!
  • Capture the Memories – Snap a family pic in the Prickle Desert or Comfort Peaks photo ops to enjoy your adventure through Animationland together for years to come!

Animationland locally sponsored by M&T Bank locally sponsored by M&T Bank will be available to explore during hours the Museum is open to the public through Sunday, January 2 2022. Exhibit in collaboration with OMSI.

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