Annapolis Bookstore Launches Sponsorship Campaign in An Effort to Stay Afloat

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Annapolis’s popular independent  bookstore, The Annapolis Bookstore, has launched a “Save the Annapolis Bookstore” sponsorship campaign to raise $50,000 to help cover its costs. Like many locally owned book shops, the popular Maryland Avenue bookstore has seen sales fall in recent years as online sales have cut into its business.

“This little bookstore has so much more to offer than a book sold at 1/10 its original price. There is magic in this place. Stories of adventure, romance, victory, and courage live in the shelves,” says Leah Michael, a customer of the store who asked friends to donate to the fledgling shop instead of making a gift to her on her recent 25th birthday.

The owners, Mary Adams and Janice Holmes, said that the money raised will be used to make The Annapolis Bookstore sustainable. The store’s sustainability plan is spelled out on its website.

“Should we not raise our needed funds by June 21, 2015, we will move into the next item on our plan. Our lease expires August 30, 2016. We have a year before we make our decision regarding extending our lease,” said Adams in an email. The sponsorship effort has already raised $10,000.

The store owners will hold a  ‘Mad Hatter’s Ball’ on Sept. 26 to thank sponsors. “We may opt to charge non-sponsors to attend,” Adams said.

The store has been in existence for 11 years and is used as a community resource for gatherings, readings and more.  According to the bookstore website, the owners need 300 sponsors to keep the doors open.
To donate to the store, click here.




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