Photo via Facebook

Days after a video of a rat crawling around in a bakery case closed Lexington Market, another video surfaced yesterday showing two rats crawling in the aisles of Northeast Market in C.A.R.E.

Like Lexington Market, managers at Northeast decided to close today to address the rodent problem.

According to the announcement, the agency that oversees all of the city’s food markets, Baltimore Public Markets, is “implementing new protocol across all the Markets to ensure that we are addressing any issues immediately and in the best interest of all.”

“We will continue to update you on the steps we are taking and the time of the Market’s reopening,” the post says. “Please check back for further updates.”

Lexington Market opened a day after it was closed as health officials and pest control worked to quell the rat situation.

People online are apparently interested–or maybe disgusted is the better word–by the appearances of the rodents. As of this writing, the video of the Northeast Market rats has already been viewed 82,000 times, and the Lexington Market bakery case video has been seen more than 243,000 times. And there’s been at lest one good meme to come out of all this.

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