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Another rat video closes a public market, this time Northeast Market

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Days after a video of a rat crawling around in a bakery case closed Lexington Market, another video surfaced yesterday showing two rats crawling in the aisles of Northeast Market in C.A.R.E.

Like Lexington Market, managers at Northeast decided to close today to address the rodent problem.

Once Again, Baltimore Ranks in Top 10 for Orkin’s Most Rat-Infested U.S. Cities

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By Orkin’s count, Baltimore was still the eighth “rattiest” city in the country in 2017.

Baltimore’s Rat-Fighting Municipal Trash Can Program Wins an Award


A little over a year ago, Baltimore City spent almost $9 million on free trash cans for residents to fend off rats and collect more garbage. Today, the city’s Department of Public Works announced that very same trash can program received a “Project of the Year” award from a regional public works association.

Are New Trash Cans Making a Difference in Baltimore’s War Against Rats?

Image via baltimore.aiga.org/design-week-2012-recap/

The rankings make Baltimore’s rat problems plain, but that isn’t stopping the city from adding to its ranks of tools for stopping the rodents. New trash cans were supposed to be the best solution this side of Rat Stat to winning the battle against rats. But it seems the rodents are still nibbling their way into our lives.

Baltimore Rises in Rat-Infested Cities Ranking


baltimore-ratBaltimore is once again moving up in the national rankings. This time, the topic is an encounter we would probably rather not include in a nice night out.

Baltimore City Doubles Rat Control Patrols

Okay, so it's not quite this bad -- yet.
It’s time for reinforcements.

WYPR’s R. Kenneth Burns asked the mayor if it was called “Rat Stat.” Baltimore City officials dubbed it the Rat Rubout. Whatever its name happens to be, the city is taking an alley-by-alley approach to dealing with the rat infestation so its not just a fishing expedition. Here’s the plan:

Rodent Zoo Discovered by Baltimore Firefighters


ratcageIt’s not unusual to find rodents crawling out of a crevice in Baltimore. Usually, however, they don’t have cages. According to WBAL-TV, Baltimore City firefighters found more than 100 rats and mice caged up in the basement of a home in the 1000 block of N. Patterson Park Ave. on Saturday.

Baltimore’s Newest Weapon in the War Against Rats

Okay, so it's not quite this bad -- yet.
Okay, so it’s not quite this bad — yet.

They dart into bushes, nibble their way in trash bags, or end up smashed and flattened on the pavement: Yes, Baltimore, you have a rat problem. The city has made various salvos in its war against the rodents, but as city residents could tell you, it seems like the rats might be winning. So far, at least.

More Rats for Baltimore


There’s something I have to tell you about all this warm weather we’ve been having. It’s going to translate into more rats. No kidding.

When the mercury rises we humans go outside more and leave more food in trashcans, and you know who loves food? Rats. And I don’t want to freak anyone out, but in DC, some of the rats haven’t been fitting in the traps!

I figure we might as well accept our new rat reality. And you know what? At least there’s one group that can thrive in this city — I mean, am I right? Okay, so to get into mood, I assembled this YouTube mix for you, all about rats.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – “Rats
Wipers – “Return of the Rat”
Modest Mouse – “I Came as a Rat”
The Doors – “Dead Cats, Dead Rats”
The Kinks – “Rats”
Sonic Youth – “Rats”
GBH – “City Baby Attacked by Rats”