Worker Falls Into Baltimore’s Latest Sinkhole

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photo via @BaltimorDPW
photo via @BaltimoreDPW

With one sinkhole still under repair in Mt. Vernon, a water main break caused the collapse of another piece of roadway on Mulberry St. over the weekend. The second sinkhole proved to be a hazard even for DPW workers.

Located between Greene and Paca Sts. on the often-congested route into the center of town, this second sinkhole swallowed a lot of road. The collapse happened after water pooled and caused the street to give way.

The street will be closed to traffic while the city assesses and begins to repair the damage. The danger presented has already borne itself out. A DPW worker fell into the hole while inspecting it on Monday night. Officials said he sustained minor injuries, and was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

While none are as big or disruptive as the 26th St. collapse in 2014, the latest roadway collapses are coming in groups. Crews are still working to repair a separate sinkhole on Centre St. Baltimore DPW workers also helped put the road back together in Hunt Valley after a piece of York Rd. collapsed.


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