Under Armour Sues Ass Armor

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Under Armour, the Baltimore-based sportswear brand that has been making moves to unseat Nike as the top purveyor of athletic shoes, recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Skechers for that company’s television advertisement. Now Under Armour is going after a much smaller operation. In fact, it appears to offer only one product. The company’s called Ass Armor. This is what they sell, in case you couldn’t guess:

Ass ArmorThey’re butt-protecting shorts for snowboarders. Under Armour is concerned that they look a little too much like shorts they sell:

Under Armour

Under Armour also says Ass Armor’s slogan, “Protect Your Assets,” infringes on their own, “Protect This House.” According to the Baltimore Business Journal, Under Armour wants Ass Armor to cease and desist, fork over all their profits, destroy all their product, transfer ownership of the URL assarmor.com, and pay damages.

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