Artscape at Penn Station
Artscape at Penn Station
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Baltimore’s midsummer explosion of creativity is nearly here. Artscape runs all weekend (June 17-19) around Station North and beyond. The theme of this year’s giant, open-air art festival focuses on water. It’s not quite the beach, but Artscape will have plenty of installations designed to help visitors feel the relaxation and rejuvenation that water provides. Plus, you might learn something.  Here are five variations that are planned:

AquaLounge  Situated at Charles and Preston Sts., this 30X30 inflatable water molecule was designed by Morgan State University students. It’s a place to grab a free drink of water, as well as peruse some info about water conservation.

Murals of Storm Drains Throughout the Artscape grounds, Blue Water Baltimore has painted 45 murals of storm drains to remind everyone where our wastewater goes. (Hint: The Bay).

BROcean City, Maryland As one would expect, the Baltimore Rock Opera Society is going all out for Artscape, and their offerings are on theme. In the parking lot across from the Charles Theatre, the Society will perform Under the Seadome throughout the weekend. The entire lot will also be fully decorated, and feature bands and air guitar battles.

Lazy River Pearlstone Park (at Preston and Cathedral Sts.) will be transformed into an artistic interpretation of a lazy river, featuring 15 installations and sculptures that wind slowly through the park.

Misty Mount Royals This fountain on the Mt. Royal Median is a place to cool off. Since this is Artscape, it’s also an installation that changes color and shape.

To get a full glass of Artscape planning, check out the festival’s website.

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.