Art to Go: The time has come for the (artist) chicks to fly the coop. The Maryland Institute hosts the 2011 commencement at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on Monday, May 16th, at 1:30. The graduating seniors’ corresponding art show deserves its reputation as a fantastic place to snag cool work on the cheap. Campus-wide exhibition will be open to the public Friday 11am-8pm, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 11am-5pm. About 400 students will present their work. Participating departments include illustration, graphic design, painting, fibers, and photography.
Early birds can survey (and purchase) work first at ArtWalk, which takes place Thursday night, May 12 at 5pm. ArtWalk gives the public an opportunity to stroll around and mingle with the students, who will be tethered to their exhibit for the night. Tickets for ArtWalk run $25, and a reception with food and alcohol follow at 8.

Anyone and everyone will have an opportunity to buy art from the graduating class throughout the weekend. You never know, you could walk away with the next Grace Hartigan. Pieces for sale will be designated with a price tag. There will also be a master price list of all artwork for sale through the MICA store (
Get a sneak peak at some of the work by students, faculty, and alum at

Or check out my work at!