At Least $55K in Maryland Taxpayer Money Spent in Vegas

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According to an article in the Sun, Maryland state and local governments and agencies spent at least $55,000 in taxpayer money to send representatives to Las Vegas for the annual Global Retail Real Estate Convention, a networking event for mucky-mucks in business and government. (By the way, is this something we taxpayers even want?) Annapolis mayor Joshua Cohen spent more than $300 on food alone!

Now, there is never any excuse for one person to spend $300 on food in four days, and that’s especially true in Vegas. I have two words for you (one overhyphenated): “all-you-can-eat buffet.” Come on guys! The whole deal with Las Vegas is they rob you blind with all the gambling; in exchange, you get some cheap food.

Maybe if we do end up expanding gambling in Maryland, we can convince the International Council of Shopping Centers to hold their conference here. Then at least we’d blowing our taxpayer money in our own state!

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