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Poll: Marylanders support school improvements, but don’t want to pay with increased taxes

William “Brit” Kirwan discussed school improvements on March 5, 2019, with Strong Schools Maryland representatives in Annapolis, Maryland. Charlie Youngmann / Capital News Service

The majority of Marylanders recognize the need for improvements to various aspects of the state’s public schools, including teacher salaries, facility repairs, vocational training and spending accountability. But most residents do not want taxes to increase in order to pay for state services, a recent Goucher College poll finds.

Hogan to Propose Bill to ‘Protect Our Taxpayers’ in Md. from New Federal Tax Overhaul

Still via YouTube/Gov. Larry Hogan

Gov. Larry Hogan plans to submit a bill to the General Assembly in January that, if passed, he says will mitigate the worst effects of the tax overhaul measure that passed through Congress today.

Baltimore to Consider Giving Police and Firefighters a Break

Photo via National Police Car Archives

Can a piece of legislation mend the broken relationships between residents, public safety officials, and the city?

Airbnb Hotel Tax Bill Died in City Council Committee on Tuesday

Courtesy Airbnb.com
Courtesy Airbnb.com

Baltimore City Council members have declined to consider a bill that would have levied a 9.5 percent tax on the more than 300 Airbnb rentals in the city.

Hogan: 55K Md. Taxpayers Could Get Refund From SCOTUS Ruling


Supreme_Court_US_2010It’s not late spring, but tax refund checks could soon start flowing in Maryland.