Erotic Fiction Author Is Md.’s Most Delinquent Tax Payer

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Since 2000, Maryland has been using public shaming to collect delinquent taxes with their “Caught in the Web” program by posting the names and addresses of the state’s biggest tax scofflaws. This year, topping the list is Upper Marlboro’s Kristina Roberts, better known as Zane, best-selling author of such books as Gettin’ Buck Wild, Addicted, and Love Is Never Painless.

Roberts owes Maryland a little over $340,000 in back taxes, and all I can say is Holy cow, Zane must be killing it in the erotic lit scene!

Maybe this whole thing could provide the premise of her next book: They tried to shame her for her tax delinquency, but shame was something she had decided never to feel again as she embarked on a journey of sexual self-discovery.

Yadda, yadda.


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