Hogan: 55K Md. Taxpayers Could Get Refund From SCOTUS Ruling

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Supreme_Court_US_2010It’s not late spring, but tax refund checks could soon start flowing in Maryland.

After a Supreme Court ruling that determined Marylanders were overtaxed, more than 55,000 citizens could be eligible for a refund, the governor’s office said Monday.

“The Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year allows us to provide another $200 million in tax relief, which will immediately go back into the pockets of Maryland taxpayers, and back into our state economy,” Hogan said in a statement.

A majority of Supreme Court justices ruled that some Marylanders who also made income in other states were essentially taxed twice by the state.

Residents could claim a refund on the county portion of taxes. The refund is eligible for people who filed between 2011 and 2014. The state set up this website for more information. The governor’s office notes that the refunds are not automatic.

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