Babe Ruth Contract Sells for $1 Million in Baltimore

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One hundred years ago this week, Babe Ruth made his baseball debut as a minor-leaguer signed to the Baltimore Orioles. Two years later, he was famous; ninety-eight years after that, his original contract with the Boston Red Sox (from 1918) sold for $1.02 million in an suction on Saturday, setting a new record. The buyer wished to remain anonymous.

Ruth fans also bought an early career bat ($215,000) and a signed ball ($96,000) at the auction, which was hosted by a New Jersey-based sports auction group, and held at Baltimore’s Sports Legends Museum. Bidders failed to meet the $100,000 minimum for another Ruth baseball, this one pegged as “the very first home run ball that Ruth hit at Yankee Stadium.” (The ball was hit into the stands, but it wasn’t actually hit during a game; it was a practice ball used when Yankee Stadium was first built, and the owners wanted to test out the field.)

So, readers — how much do you think the original Ray Lewis contract will sell for in 2096?

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