Baby Boomers Are Retiring! Where Should We Live?

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“Many baby boomers would not be happy with the limited retirement choices their parents had – cookie cutter communities don’t appeal to all. Not all baby boomers want to live in an age-denominated community either – they just might prefer living with a more diverse age demographic. New possibilities are emerging every day to meet rising expectations. Some of these include communities built around dramatically new ideas: hobby farms, urban lite (large planned communities that are self-contained and adjacent to or within the city), “co-housing” (cooperative communities), and university sponsored developments.” *

What kind of community is right for you?

Are you looking for active-adult communities, assisted-living facilities, continuing-care retirement communities, or something else? Each facility uses different terms and has different pricing structures, and comparison-shopping can become difficult. When visiting communities make sure that you are aware of ALL of the costs.

Independent Living

Active-adult communities are a “want-driven” product. In other words, they’re a place where people choose to live and play among like-minded adults (in most cases, children are only allowed to visit, not live).

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