Bacon Fest Organizer Says Event Was Only Bad Until 4 P.M.

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Bacon Festival Got Better After 4, Says OrganizerAfter all the social media rants and commiseration by overcharged and underfed attendees of the iaugural Maryland Bacon Festival and a moderately apologetic response, City Paper decided to ask organizer Evan Weinstein some questions to try to piece together just how the heck everything went so wrong.

According to Weinstein, though several “unfortunate circumstances” fouled up the Bacon Festival from about noon until 4 p.m. After that it was smooth sailing:

“[W]e saw a turning point around 3:30/4pm when we made some adjustments and the rest of the day was great. The bands were great, the competition between the vendors was great, the bacon eating contests were fun. Once we hit that turning point there seemed to be a tension that lifted and people started to really have a good time.”

Of course, that consolation shrinks when you consider, by Weinstein’s own estimation, that “80-85 percent of [ticket holders showed] up in the first 90 minutes.”

Read the rest of the interview at City Paper.

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