It’s disturbing to know that a Ku Klux Klan group like the Rosedale-based Confederate White Knights even exists in Maryland, but it’s some kind of consolation to know that even when they’re throwing their big recruitment party they can whoop up barely enough members for a baseball team — sans designated hitter.

Nine. That’s how many members Richard Preston, the group’s “Imperial Wizard,” expects to attend their rally at the Antietam National Battlefield Saturday. And not even all nine will be wearing white robes. I guess the invitation said “come as you are.”

But even so, doesn’t that violate the CWK’s rule that one must “at all times…act in full klanishness?”

Anyway, if you want to listen to what I’m willing to bet is the least coherent critique of the policies of the Obama administration you’re likely to hear, be at Antietam on Saturday, 12:30 ’til ?