We’ve got an update on the bag-of-cash-falls-off-a-car story. The man who left a bag containing tens of thousands of dollars in cash on top of his car in Glen Burnie and then drove off is Roy Weeirasinghe, a 7-Eleven store owner, not an employee as originally reported.

And we’ve got more details to the story. Apparently, Weeirasinghe realized his blunder quickly and drove back to search for the bag. But by the time he arrived on the scene, “cars had parked on both sides of the road and people scrambled to scoop [the money] up.” If that doesn’t hurt, I don’t know what does.

Later, Weeirasinghe appeared on ABC 2 pleading for his money to be returned. “I hope that in your good heart, you will return the money and give it to us because I have two children and a wife and we work hard every single day… sometimes seven days a week to make a living and if I don’t get this money back, I’m going to have a hard time,” he said.

And as of Thursday several people have returned a “considerable portion” of the money. Including one man who returned $2,700 on Wednesday.

Are you more surprised that people initially descended on the cash like vultures or that many of them eventually returned the money?