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Watch: Footage Shows Dramatic Shootout Between Officers, Robbers at 7-Eleven Downtown


Warning: May be graphic to some.

Two brazen suspects robbed a 7-Eleven downtown last night, shot at (and missed) police officers at the scene and then managed to escape. CitiWatch camera operators captured the entire thing.

ICE Agents Raid Baltimore-Area 7-Elevens in Nationwide Sweep

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent in 2011, via Homeland Security

Federal agents visited several 7-Eleven stores around the Baltimore area today as part of a national sweep targeting undocumented workers and their employers.

7-Eleven Sues Baltimore Convenience Store 7-Even Over Name, Slurpees



7-Eleven is a massive company with more than 7,000 locations nationwide. 7-Even is a convenience store with a single location on N. Eutaw St. in Northwest Baltimore. So why is 7-Eleven spending time and money to sue 7-Even for millions of dollars?

Baltimore Architecture Critic Royally Disses Downtown 7-Eleven



Every now and then, a terrible restaurant or a bad movie inspires a critic to reach new heights, penning a tear-down that’s positively dripping with vitriol. Believe it or not, Klaus Philipsen, the Baltimore Business Journal’s architecture critic, has found something in Baltimore to get all worked up about: the new downtown 7-Eleven.

Here’s a sampling:

Like tourists wearing sombreros in Mexico or lederhosen in Bavaria, retail buildings often masquerade in garb inspired by local cliches — mission-style, colonial or anything in between. What constitutes a mere laughable nuisance in suburban shopping centers, however, becomes architectural assault in an urban historic district.

Yike! But there’s more:

[T]he strip footing and tiny trenches for wastewater lines foreshadowed hastily erected spindly steel columns, confirming that whatever was being built here couldn’t be of any substance…. The overall appearance was that of a 5-year-old having decorated a sideways milk carton to look like a house.

And then he gets into a slightly disturbing metaphor:

Both horizontal (modern) and vertical (historic) orientations were on display in the surrounding Seton Hill neighborhood. This bastard was of neither parent….Instead, what rose here was a single-story convenience store that had been artificially inseminated with colonial seeds in order to grow to the heights of nearby rowhouses: seeds that were duds, with blind windows and without the fruit of access, an unsuccessful attempt at being contextual.

There’s more–the lederhosen even make a reappearance!– so please go read the full take-down. The only downside is that Philipsen’s outrage is so righteous and extreme that it makes me kind of interested in checking out this architectural assault of a building. Have you been to the convenience store at the corner of North Paca and West Franklin? Was it an abominable experience?

A New Thing to Freak Out About (Or Not): Crime Flash Mobs


Writing in the Daily Beast earlier this year, Megan McArdle sounded the alarm for a very 21st-century new fear:  criminal flash mobs. “Apparently, that’s a thing now,”she notes, after learning of a string of 7-Elevens in and around Baltimore and Montgomery Counties that had been mobbed by teenagers who stole stuff, then fled the store.

Bag of Cash Update


We’ve got an update on the bag-of-cash-falls-off-a-car story. The man who left a bag containing tens of thousands of dollars in cash on top of his car in Glen Burnie and then drove off is Roy Weeirasinghe, a 7-Eleven store owner, not an employee as originally reported.

And we’ve got more details to the story. Apparently, Weeirasinghe realized his blunder quickly and drove back to search for the bag. But by the time he arrived on the scene, “cars had parked on both sides of the road and people scrambled to scoop [the money] up.” If that doesn’t hurt, I don’t know what does.

Later, Weeirasinghe appeared on ABC 2 pleading for his money to be returned. “I hope that in your good heart, you will return the money and give it to us because I have two children and a wife and we work hard every single day… sometimes seven days a week to make a living and if I don’t get this money back, I’m going to have a hard time,” he said.