Baltimore Astronaut Ratchets Up Spacewalk Skills

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Following up his first steps into the Great Beyond, Baltimore-born astronaut Reid Wiseman took another spacewalk Wednesday to complete some repairs on the ol’ International Space Station. This time, the drama didn’t end with the views.

According to Reuters, Wiseman sent cheers through Mission Control after making a quick decision as daylight was running out.

While replacing a broken electrical device off the Station, the astronaut encountered the age-old problem of a tool that ran out of juice. While most workers would run inside to the charger, Wiseman didn’t have time for all that. He was suspended in space, and only two minutes of daylight remained.

Wiseman had trouble with a bolt-fastening tool while pulling the old equipment off, and putting the new device on. In each case, however, he was able to grab a ratchet to get the bolt tightened. Whether there’s gravity or not, a little elbow grease never goes out of style.

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