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Here’s How a Cockeysville Astronaut Is Practicing for a Mars Mission

Via Reid Wiseman's Twitter profile
Via Reid Wiseman’s Twitter profile

Anyone who’s seen The Martian knows (or thinks they do) that sending humans to live on Mars presents some knotty problems (which hold incredible comedic and dramatic potential). Astronaut and Cockeysville native Reid Wiseman is helping NASA solve some of those problems, and to do it, he’s been living underwater.

Baltimore Astronaut Comes Back to Earth, Tweets Re-Entry

Reid Weisman is all smiles on solid ground (via NASA)
Reid Wiseman is all smiles on solid ground (via NASA)

Reid Wiseman’s Twitter account continues to transport us, but the man himself is back on solid ground after completing his mission at the International Space Station.

Baltimore Astronaut Ratchets Up Spacewalk Skills


Following up his first steps into the Great Beyond, Baltimore-born astronaut Reid Wiseman took another spacewalk Wednesday to complete some repairs on the ol’ International Space Station. This time, the drama didn’t end with the views.

Baltimore-born Astronaut Reid Wiseman Goes for a Spacewalk

photo of @astro_reid by @astro_alex
photo of @astro_reid by @astro_alex

The gorgeous pictures on astronaut Reid Wiseman’s Twitter feed already makes us grounded humans feel like we’re in space. On Tuesday, however, the Baltimore native took another step into the abyss that’s giving him all sorts of feelings he won’t be able to send back via camera.