Here’s How a Cockeysville Astronaut Is Practicing for a Mars Mission

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Via Reid Wiseman's Twitter profile
Via Reid Wiseman’s Twitter profile

Anyone who’s seen The Martian knows (or thinks they do) that sending humans to live on Mars presents some knotty problems (which hold incredible comedic and dramatic potential). Astronaut and Cockeysville native Reid Wiseman is helping NASA solve some of those problems, and to do it, he’s been living underwater.

Wiseman is on the leg-one crew of the latest mission of the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations. NEEMO-21 is subjecting its international team to simulated spacecraft conditions and and simulated spacewalks in an underwater station five miles off the coast of Key Largo, Florida.

As he did during his stay on the International Space Station, Wiseman tweeted out images and videos of his experiences:

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