Baltimore Bail Bondsman Gets in Fight with Dog the Bounty Hunter in Vegas

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This is the most… something story I’ve heard in a while.

So Dog the Bounty Hunter, a man made famous through his reality TV series about his life tracking down fugitives, was at the Luxor in Las Vegas this week when he ran into Baltimore bail bondsman Ronnie Frank. According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, Dog and Frank have had previous “beef,” which promptly started up again:

A rep for Dog says Frank got in a threatening stance and said, “I’m gonna kill you, you long-haired mother f*****.” Dog’s security guard tried to break it up by putting a hand on Ronnie’s chest.

We’re told Ronnie slapped his hand away, and that’s when Dog’s guard punched Ronnie in the face. Hotel security called Vegas cops, who cited Dog’s guy for battery.

So let’s just run through this again: A celebrity bounty hunter’s bodyguard got arrested for punching a bail bondsman in the face in a Vegas casino that’s made to look like an Egyptian pyramid. The world is a funny place.

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