Baltimore Band’s Van Stolen–Then Recovered!–in Texas

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Lower Dens' Escape From Evil, via
Lower Dens’ Escape From Evil, via

Yesterday, Baltimore musician Jana Hunter went out for a cup of midday coffee in San Antonio, where her band Lower Dens is on tour. When she returned less than an hour later, the band’s van was gone–along with all their gear.

“It just seemed so unlikely that with all those people out during the day, with the van being locked and with the short amount of time that we were there that it would be stolen,” Hunter told a San Antonio news station. “It’s really hard to describe that feeling.” Lower Dens, like many Baltimore bands, makes a living by touring; when they don’t have a van, their livelihood is at risk.

The story has a happy/sad ending: After local media covered the story, someone tipped San Antonio police off to the van’s location. Now the band has it back in their possession–with all the gear intact. The bad news? The thieves nabbed the band members’ credit cards, laptops, and –for some reason–bottled water. Some grateful fans have started an online fundraiser for the Baltimore band here.

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