The Atlantic wanted to know if commuting by bike was catching on as much as it seemed to be… so they surveyed 55 U.S. cities to see if there really were more people regularly riding their bikes to work. Yes, it turns out, by an average increase of 70 percent.

But the jump in bike commuters was even more intense in some cities, Baltimore included. Okay, so only 1 percent of Baltimore commuters cycled to work in 2009 — but that’s up a whopping 233 percent from the .3 percent who biked in 2000. That puts us fairly far behind bike-happy cities like Portland, Oregon (5.8 percent bike commuters) and Minneapolis (3 percent), D.C. (2.2 percent), and Philly (2.2 percent), but well ahead of many other metro areas; only 22 of the 55 cities studied cracked the 1 percent mark.

Do you ride your bike to work? Why/why not?

One reply on “Baltimore Bike Commuters Up 233 Percent!”

  1. Great to hear this. BUT, while I assume the photo is meant to be a joke, I have seen some cylists in traffic wearing other comparably dangerous attire — and not wearing helmets. Let’s all get on board for safe cycling and encourage helmet use. And no high heels or flip flops! When you know someone who was killed – yes, killed — riding a bike in city traffic, you take this stuff pretty seriously. I am still too scared to ride my bike to work in Baltimore traffic. It is just not a bike friendly city yet.

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