Baltimore Book Festival Relocates to Inner Harbor for 2014

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2014's festival will take place outside of George's shadow.
2014’s festival will take place outside of George’s shadow.

It’s not necessarily a permanent move, but the Baltimore Book Festival will be relocating its 2014 event from its long-time Monument Park locale to the Inner Harbor, at either West Shore Park or Bicentennial Plaza. The change comes suddenly, as festival organizers were only recently made aware of how the current restoration of the Washington Monument would impact BBF’s tent space.

Tracy Baskerville, a spokeswoman for Baltimore Office of Promotion& the Arts, described the move as temporary to the Baltimore Business Journal. But City Paper‘s coverage of the move made a return to Mt. Vernon sound less than certain. BOPA’s festivals director Kathleen Horning told City Paper, “If we can go back to Mount Vernon, that’s definitely on the table.” If? On the table?

So if you enjoyed attending the early autumn festival in the shadow of the Washington Monument you’d better hope BOPA isn’t seduced by the many advantages offered by an Inner Harbor location, such as “more public transit options” and the ability to host the event without closing streets.



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