Baltimore, Brace Yourself for Another Travel + Leisure Poll

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After Baltimore’s consistently poor showings in those blasted Travel + Leisure polls — Baltimore has ranked low in attractiveness (of its residents!), fashion, cleanliness, safety, public transportation, public parks, culture; the list goes on — Baltimore’s Public Works department is not going to take this year’s Travel + Leisure “America’s Favorite Cities” survey lying down. Department Director Alfred H. Foxx sent a mass email on Friday urging Baltimoreans to give the city high marks to “cast a true reflection of Baltimore in the news.”

But maybe that email should have been a memo internal to Public Works. As The Baltimore Sun points out, residents by-and-large are the city’s worst critics. Especially residents who were stuck without power in a heatwave, or who were angered to see three fire companies shut down recently.

Me, I support Foxx’s push to invalidate T+L‘s poll with overwhelming praise for the city — which is not how he would describe it — if only because I can’t stand it when non-residents pick on Baltimore and I don’t want to give them another opportunity. But, on the other hand, maybe we get what we deserve. Baltimore residents seem to enjoy bashing their own city — and not just the political mismanagement, but virtually every aspect — so much, why shouldn’t the rest of the world feel they can join in?

Whether or not Baltimore gains any ground in the “Favorite Cities” poll generally, at the very least it might take a few years before Baltimore climbs up the ranks in the “proud of their city” category.

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