Baltimore is Going to Start a Car-Share

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trafficAnyone who’s circled around Baltimore’s streets looking for parking, or gotten held up in a long line of traffic knows we could use some efforts to reduce traffic. Baltimore’s city government is rolling out a few new options. According to the Baltimore Sun, one upcoming new program is a Zipcar-like service.

The car sharing program would be run by the city government, allowing drivers to make one-way trips, the city parking authority’s director tells The Sun.. The cars would have to be left in metered spots or public parking spaces. Drivers would sign up for the cars online, and pay by the minute. Zipcar already has 225 cars in Baltimore, so the 200 would nearly double the number of car sharing vehicles available in the city.

The car share doesn’t sound like a cure-all, but along with a bike share program and increased Charm City Circulator routes, it represents attempts by the city to cut into the congestion.


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