Baltimore City Council President Steps In to Save Mayor’s Improbable Goal

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You may have been wondering how the mayor’s ambitious (maybe even quixotic) goal of attracting 10,000 families to Baltimore over the next decade squares with the looming closings of fire companies and recreational centers.

Well, City Council President Jack Young has a plan. His “Plan for a Better Baltimore” would reverse cuts to rec centers as the fire department, as well as other city services. In fact he wants to increase funds for education and youth programs. All he needs is several million dollars.

He thinks he can $17 million by scraping it from city agencies and eliminating vacant positions. He expects another $3.5 million from the new speed cameras beyond what the city has predicted.

So as long as enough of us drive at unsafe speeds past those new speed cameras Baltimore may become a more attractive place to live. Come on, people. Rev those engines — your city needs you!

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