Baltimore City Youth Get a Dose of the Idaho Wilderness

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Baltimore City Youth
Members of Baltimore’s Civic Works AmeriCorps.Via

Eight young adults from Baltimore who have dedicated themselves to “protect[ing] and enhanc[ing]  Baltimore’s urban environment” through AmeriCorps’s Civic Works program traveled to central Idaho to connect with something a little more wild.

The short video “Discovering the Boulder-White Clouds” documents their experience camping and hiking the Boulder-White Cloud mountains as search for parallels between their community and environmental work in Baltimore and conservationists’ efforts to protect America’s wilderness.

“Being to a place like this brings a difference in people. I see a connection between what I do and coming [here],” said Civic Works member Jamaal Weems. “The connection is how to keep the environment a place where people can come at peace, a safe environment, a safe place… If it was up to me, I would do my best to help protect the environment because this is a beautiful place.”

Dana Stein, executive director of Civic Works believes the Idaho experience “reinforces the value of protecting the environment throughout the country, and of the historical ties between conservation programs that help rebuild cities and preserve wilderness areas.”

Watch “Discovering the Boulder-White Clouds”:

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