It’s been a good month for the Peabody Institute.  First, a high-profile opera star signed on to teach at the school; now, a Pulitzer!

Kevin Puts teaches composition at Peabody, but he’s far more than just a teacher, as the award shows.  Long considered a “promising composer” by various sources who should know, Puls is no longer getting praise for his promise and potential; now he’s a full-fledged success story. He can set his Pulitzer on his mantel next to a Rome Prize and a composition award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

The Pulitzer was for Silent Night:  Opera in Two Acts, a piece about the spontaneous Christmas cease fire between French, German, and Scottish troops during World War I (which was previously immortalized in the song “Snoopy’s Christmas”).  After its debut, Opera News weighed in:  “With this remarkable debut, Puts assumes a central place in the American opera firmament. Much will be expected from him.” If you’re interested in seeing some of Puts’ work performed live, you can catch his Symphony No. 4 performed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in June, or travel north to see the Opera Company of Philadelphia perform Silent Night during its next season.

Puts first heard about his award when the Associated Press called him asking for a comment at 3:30 a.m. A standing ovation to you, Kevin Puts.