Baltimore County Police Gun Range Sets Lead Violations Record: Report

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gunrangeHaving lead at a shooting range isn’t usually considered problem, but it can be a serious hazard if it isn’t cleaned up. A new investigation from the Seattle Times looked at lead violations at police shooting ranges across the country, and a Baltimore County Police Department’s shooting range stood out among peers.

The Time found that the Lutherville facility had the most lead violations of any police facility in the last decade. The violations were caused by poor cleaning and inadequate venilation. The air got so bad that police should have been wearing respirators just to be in the facility.

Breathing in the toxins led to increased lead levels in police officers’ blood.

The instructors revealed they had been tested a few times for lead levels in their blood, and the most recent results were getting higher, records show. One instructor had an elevated lead level of at least 25 micrograms per deciliter, a MOSH supervisor said.

Baltimore County police officials said the department will spend $500,000 on lead abatement this summer.

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