Photo credit: John Lee

The commission recommending how to redraw Baltimore County’s council districts is being asked to change how Towson is represented.

Despite its downtown and Town Center shopping mall, Towson is an unincorporated town divvied up among four council members. It has no mayor or council of its own. All the more reason it needs its own councilman according to Paul Hartman with the Towson Communities Alliance, which represents more than 30 neighborhood organizations.

“So basically, our council person would be the mayor or the go-to person” Hartman said. “We’ve kind of gotten chopped apart into pieces and would like to get all back together again.”

Fifth District Republican Councilman David Marks represents most of Towson but lives in Perry Hall. In a statement, Marks said he respects the desire in Towson for a hometown representative. He said his goal is for the county to meet the statutory requirements of having compact districts with roughly the same number of people.

“The best way to ensure a Towson seat is by enlarging the council, but it would require a charter change,” Marks wrote.

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