Are Baltimore and D.C. Really ‘Merging’?

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Look. They're almost kissing.
Look. They’re almost kissing. Via CBS Washington

“[T]he Baltimore Washington region better wake up to the fact that we are merging. Period.” So said Baltimore radio personality Glenn Younes in response to some bogus outrage from his D.C. counterpart over an Orioles billboard that popped up “a mere 6.5 miles from Nationals Park.”

The original piece is pretty funny. Chris Lingebach accuses the billboard of being “strategically placed” just on the Maryland side of the D.C. border. He goes on to explain to his readers “why the Orioles are allowed to place a billboard so close to D.C.” Allowed to?

Younes’s response went further than pointing out that Baltimore and D.C. are less than 40 miles apart and that some D.C. residents root for the Orioles. It prophesied the two cities “coming together as one.” In fact, according to Younes, the “vast amount” [sic] of people in the District who root for both teams are a testament to that imminent melding.


Despite D.C.’s proximity (which will only increase as our public transit gets faster), I find a merge, whatever that means exactly, unlikely — and certainly not already begun, notwithstanding the “vast amount” of Washingtonians who have yet switch from the O’s to the Nats.

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