Work has begun to build a bike path that will run along the Jones Falls Trail from the Inner Harbor to Penn Station where it will hook up with an already extant trail that takes cyclists to Druid Hill Park and the Maryland Zoo. Not only that, but this new trail will complete Baltimore’s piece of the East Coast Greenway, an ambitious network of bike paths that run from Maine to Florida.

In a time when it’s hard to find a cultural development that doesn’t threaten to ruin our attention spans or harm the environment, moving a little closer to completing a bike trail that spans the Eastern seaboard strikes me as the quaintest form of progress. It’s almost Emersonian.

Maryland’s greenway coordinator, Greg Hinchliffe, is hoping the new car-free path will inspire bicyclists of all skill levels get out and ride, and even pave the way for a Baltimore Bike Share program.

The trail is scheduled to be completed around April 2013.