Baltimore-Filmed Shows Rack Up the Emmy Nominations, and DC Tries to Take Credit

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“It’s a beautiful day in Baltimore,” Kevin Spacey said when the New York Times called him up last week to congratulate him on his Emmy Award nomination for lead actor in a drama series. That series is, of course, House of Cards, which received eight other nominations, including those for best drama, lead drama actress, and lead drama director. But it wasn’t the only Baltimore-filmed show to dominate this year’s nominations.

Veep, another set-in-DC-filmed-in-Baltimore show racked up five nominations, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus for best lead actress in a comedy. (She won the category last year.)

The Washington Post is bragging about D.C.’s “huge presence” at the Emmys (a couple other Distric-centric shows like Homeland also got nominations), but that’s just silly — no TV show actually films in the capital anymore, because it’s too expensive. And sure, while it was fun to watch The Wire and hear actual names of actual Baltimore streets and neighborhoods, I get a different kind of pleasure from watching corrupt politicians dash around “Washington, D.C.” and realizing they’re in Mt. Vernon, or on the Johns Hopkins campus, or at Dominion Ice Cream. So go ahead, Washington — take credit for these wins, we don’t mind. Being a stand-in has its own kind of glamour.

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