Baltimore Filmmaker is Headed to Sundance

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Congrats to Matt Porterfield, whose soon-to-be-released film, I Used to Be Darker, was just accepted to the Sundance Film Festival. Considering that Porterfield’s work was selected for the Whitney Biennial, snagged him the Sondheim Prize, and won him accolades from film reviewers in the New Yorker, we’re confident in proclaiming that the filmmaker has officially arrived.

I Used to Be Darker, which features many local performers (and first-time actors) in roles both large and small, will be one of ten films shown in Sundance’s NEXT section, which highlights forward-thinking filmmaking. “I was in a bit of a state of shock,” Porterfield told the Baltimore Sun. “I’m ecstatic.”

The partly Kickstarter-funded film is being shopped around to find a distributor; the Sundance stamp of approval will certainly help. And we’re happy to learn that Porterfield is already thinking about his next project — which he plans to shoot in Baltimore.

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