Here’s a conundrum: biking to work (or wherever else you have to go) is awesome, but sometimes bikes get stolen. I once had someone steal my beloved bike from in front of Penn Station, even though I’d used what I thought was a really tough lock.

The city’s new Controlled Access Bicycle Parking might’ve solved that problem. The parking lot at 510 E. Lexington Street (between Saratoga & Gay Streets) now has a special room earmarked for bicycles. Lock your bike to the rack and rest easy knowing that there’s a garage manager on patrol, and that the room is accessible only to those with an access card.

The downside: At this point, you’ve got to sign up for a monthly membership; you can’t just get a day pass. But even then it only costs $8 and comes with two free car-parking coupons. If you bike downtown regularly, it’s probably worth it. Plus, they might start issuing day passes soon.